Hello there, fellow enthusiasts of Mexican crafts! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to the amazing world of Oaxacan Pottery, specifically the Mexican Black Clay variety skulls.

black clay skull

This type of pottery is characterized by its rich, dark color, and its rough, unglazed texture, which gives it a distinctive rustic look. But what really sets it apart from other types of pottery is the way it is made: a laborious process that involves traditional techniques and a lot of patience.


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Black Clay Skulls


First, the clay is gathered from the local area and then kneaded by hand to remove impurities and air bubbles. Then, the potter places a lump of clay on a pottery wheel, using his or her hands and a bit of water to shape it into the desired form. This is the moment when the potter's skills are put to the test, as he or she must apply just the right amount of pressure and finesse to mold the clay without deforming it.

clay molding

Once the shape is achieved, the piece is set aside to dry for three weeks. During this time, the clay loses its moisture and hardens, becoming more stable and less prone to cracking. After three weeks, the pieces are ready for the next stage: polishing.


Polishing is done using a curved quartz stone, which is rubbed against the surface of the piece to smooth out any rough spots and give it a more refined appearance. The surface of the clay is lightly moistened to make the polishing process easier, and the potter uses circular motions to achieve the desired effect.

black clay polishing

Finally, the pieces are ready to be fired. This is done in an above-ground kiln, using wood fires that heat the objects to extremely high temperatures. The firing process takes several hours and is closely monitored to ensure that the pieces don't crack or deform. Once the firing is complete, the pieces are left to cool down for several hours before they can be handled.

black clay in fire

The end result of this lengthy and complex process is a beautiful piece of Mexican Black Clay Oaxacan Pottery, which embodies the traditions and skills of generations of Mexican artisans. Each piece is unique and bears the imprint of the potter's creativity and expertise.

black clay pottery
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As you read previously, every skull is unique! 
Black clay skull pottery