What's a Magical town or Pueblo Mágico in Mexico? No, it's not what you are thinking...



 The Magical Towns Program in Mexico contributes to reassessing a group of towns in the country that have always been in the collective imagination of the nation and that represent fresh and varied alternatives for national and foreign visitors.


There are in total 132 Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico, lets meet the top 5:

Number 5: Bernal, Querétaro

It is a mining town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the places with the greatest energy in the world due to its ten-million-year-old, three-hundred-meter-high monolith, known as the Peña de Bernal. Enjoy the quiet and colorful town where time seems to have stopped and walk through its cobbled streets.



Number 4: Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León.

It is the ideal place to enjoy a few good days of relaxation, fun and adventure. Nestled in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, it's urban center serves as a framework for the natural wonders that are housed especially the canyons, rivers and impressive waterfalls.

Number 3: Tequila, Jalisco.

The crafts that are produced in the municipality allude to the agave and the production of tequila. Clay objects are also made.

The Tequila Museum offers a complete exhibition on the history and technique of the famous drink process, as well as a collection of bottles.
Number 2: Taxco, Guerrero.
Originally founded in 1545 by the Spanish as a mining town, it's famous for the high hills and the silver jerwelry market. 
Number 1: Bacalar, Quintana Roo.
Bacalar has potential for the development of adventure, cultural and historical tourism.
In this place you will find the lagoon of the 7 colors of approximately 55 kilometers long that communicates with the bay of Chetumal through the Hondo River and the Chaac estuary. Within this enormous expanse of water there are areas with some pools that allow very safe diving activities due to their low depth.