Have you ever heard about Frida Khalo? She was a famous artist and painter  best known for painting post-impresionism murals born in 1907 and died in 1954 in Mexico City.

She was a trendy women who broke all the stereotypes of fashion, ideals and art back then.


In 1929 Frida married the famous muralist Diego Rivera. The couple lived in the Casa Azul (Blue House), Frida's childhood home, as well as in Diego's studio in San Ángel Town.

They had short stays in Mexico City. Kahlo and Rivera also lived in Cuernavaca and in various cities in the United States: Detroit, San Francisco, New York.



Frida affirmed that, unlike the surrealist painters, she did not paint her dreams, but her reality. Highlights of her work include self-portraits influenced by the photographic portrait technique that she learned from her father, Guillermo Kahlo.



Here are some pictures of Frida Style and how she has influenced the modern fashion.

Frida's art and style influence is still present.
We can see her style reinterpreted in some of the most renowned fashion shows, magazines and international trends.

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