The worshiping of skulls has been around for thousands of years, even before the wheels were invented. 


They are a perfect reminder that we are mortal and that we are all the same inside.


How did it all started? 

As soon as World War II ended, a thousand of American veterans returned home to the United States, the society was about to change because most of the veterans had been touched by the horrors of war and turned them into rebels.

The United States Army, on the other side, had a lot of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and they needed to do something to them, so they started selling them to earn good profit. This is where unwanted vehicles and people made the perfect match.


But how did the skulls related to the motorcycles?

Now that the veterans had their clubs, they were missing an icon to identify then, this is when they started decorating them with military emblem units, and a lot of them had skulls.

Skulls in all types, shapes, forms and sizes covered the motorcycles with crossbones, death head's etc. The rest is history.

The motorcycle clubs started a culture with skulls accessories all around it, from jackets, helmets and scarfs to rings, keychains and collars.


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