No, no... It's not that kind of miracle...


A “milagro” translates to “miracle”, and are small folk metal religious charms that are typically nailed into sacred objects like crosses or hearts.


milagritos cross



They are part of an ancient tradition to bring healing or as a devotional offering to request a specific need or to demonstrate gratitude for an answered prayer.

The use of Milagros goes back to the medieval times in Europe and they continue to be a common practice within the religious context nowadays in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

There are plenty of forms and sizes. The Milagro's symbolism is not universal. A milagro of a body part, such as a leg, might be used as part of a prayer or vow for the improvement of a leg, or it might refer to a concept such as travel. Similarly, a heart might represent ideas as diverse as a heart condition, a romance, or any number of other interpretations.


There are two ways to use this charm/amulet.

1.- As a talisman to protect you, to find love, to make your wishes come true, or to bring you wealth.



2.- As a token to express gratitude to god or to a saint. In many cases it is a reward to the Virgin or Saint for a promise made by the devotee, when the request has been fulfilled.




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